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“It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. Customers pay the wages” – Henry Ford

That’s right! August’s topic is all about the customer.   Wendy McInnes, Research Director ER Australia, shares her expertise… Is your organisation customer centric? Are your employees on the same ...

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Different generations – 6 tactics to attract, engage and retain millenials

Millennials are very desirable employees and you can’t afford to ignore them.  They are educated, tech savvy, multi-taskers, who are open to change.  They will shape future business the way they ...


Diversity in the workplace… it starts earlier than you think

In our first blog for diversity month Alice Streatfeild, Associate Director at ORC International, explains why we all need to take a bit of responsibility for diversity. Can you remember ...

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Think before you speak – our words say more about our attitudes than we might expect

In the past month I’ve read a few articles in which the language has caused me some concern, and they’ve all been centred on diversity within the tech industry. First there was “WOMEN. Like men, only cheaper.” I don’t think I need to explain why that bothered me. Then there was the call from Microsoft […]

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Universities and Engagement – “We are different!”

Last week, ORC hosted a Higher Education networking event where we were joined by 19 university representatives to hear the latest employee engagement trends in the sector, find out where others are on their employee engagement journey and share best practice.  Charlotte Burt, Research Executive in our Employee Research team reports on the session. Whilst […]

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Attitude vs aptitude for customer-centricity

Customer-centric companies outperform their competitors. This might sound obvious – employees with high engagement and customer focus leading to happier customers – but in numbers terms this can equate to an 8% increase in market share, and a 23% increase in share price. In our recent HR Reflections Study – a survey of more than […]

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Recognition month round-up

I have learnt a lot from the articles and comments that have been shared this month. Recognition is a topic that is applicable across all aspects of life, not just the office, and as such we can learn from a diverse range of experiences. For example, understanding how children respond to praise is a great […]

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Better together? Well give us a reason to believe it!

Since the Scottish referendum was announced, the unionists have been battling to retain Scotland as part of the United Kingdom.  But are a few months of campaigning enough to make a difference to those that want to leave? The union has been in place for some 300 years after all, so is it a bit […]

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Scottish Independence – what impact would it have on you?

With one week left until Scotland votes in the Independence Referendum, today several companies revealed their plans if the vote results in a Yes majority. Royal Bank of Scotland confirmed it will relocate to London; Lloyds Banking Group announced it may move some of its business from Scotland; and John Lewis warned price increases may […]

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When it comes to recognition, big is not necessarily best

I have a two year old daughter who has just transitioned from nappies to big girl pants.  It was a challenge to find an appropriate reward for a successful trip to the bathroom.  Too great the reward (e.g. chocolate) and she wanted to make that trip every five minutes; too little (e.g. a verbal ‘well done’) […]

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Putting the customer at the heart of your business: How to build a customer-centric culture

Emma Batrick, Marketing Copywriter at ORC International, provides some key thoughts and ponderings from our webinar on Wednesday 20th August 2014 Many companies consider themselves to be customer-focused. Often this means things like customer service or identifying and meeting customer needs. Customer-centricity goes beyond this. It sees organisations restructuring and realigning to respond to the […]

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Creating a Customer-Centric Business Culture

Achieving a customer-centric business culture requires a keen sensitivity to employee commitment, listening to customer feedback, and quantifying and measuring progress accordingly. To identify the variables that exist in successful customer-centric cultures, we looked at companies across industries and regions that demonstrate best-in-class business performance. Think:, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Starbucks. These are household brands that […]

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Person 2 Person not Business 2 Business

As part of our Customer month we have a guest blog from Kalina on our Customer Research team…. Employees’ ability to tap into customer needs, respond in a way that satisfies them AND the business is far more relevant (and difficult to attain) than learning technical knowledge and product features. It is no longer a […]

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