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Different generations – 6 tactics to attract, engage and retain millenials

Millennials are very desirable employees and you can’t afford to ignore them.  They are educated, tech savvy, multi-taskers, who are open to change.  They will shape future business the way they ...


Diversity in the workplace… it starts earlier than you think

In our first blog for diversity month Alice Streatfeild, Associate Director at ORC International, explains why we all need to take a bit of responsibility for diversity. Can you remember ...

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Health and wellbeing week breeds good deeds

These days we’re becoming more and more focused on happiness in our work lives – so much so our self-funded study Global Perspectives uncovered wellbeing as a global driver for the first time ever this year. Here at ORC International, more and more frequently, we’ve found ourselves huddling together and brainstorming actionable recommendations on how […]

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Global Perspectives Survey 2015 – global headlines

ORC International’s sixth annual Global Perspectives Survey shows a step change in results from 2014. Engagement at the global level has improved and now sits at 61%. Perceptions of many aspects of the employee experience have also improved, and this is replicated across most countries surveyed. But with a more mobile talent market – reflected […]

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Are you hiring for your customers?

Every year we undertake a study into what HR professionals predict to be the key performance priorities. Of the 900 people we surveyed in our most recent HR Reflections study, 93% said that their top people priority for 2015 is customer centricity. But how is this being put into practice? Since the last economic downturn, […]

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Keeping engagement engaging

Clearly this is a topic that resonates, as our first seminar of 2015 held yesterday (26/02) at RSA was a sell out with over 80 delegates in attendance. The first presentation of the day focused on the challenge of most HR professionals: demonstrating the value of engagement. For many, it’s the stats that make the […]

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How do you describe your work?

Any football fan will tell you that the players who run towards them after scoring a goal kissing the club badge on the front of their shirt will probably be leaving in the next transfer window. All too often these public and exuberant displays of faux loyalty and passion towards the team they represent are […]

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Regaining control of talent management

Shushin koyo – the Japanese concept of lifelong employment. Common practice throughout much of the 20th century, it provided new graduates with the security of a job for life, and in turn gave organisations a committed pipeline of talent. Great concept.   Lower recruitment costs and more continuity. In our current market, recruiting for skills can […]

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Building wellness into workplaces

One of the top drivers of engagement in our Global Perspectives Survey last year was ‘I am satisfied with my physical working environment’; we found that less than two thirds of employees currently are. Whereas on the face of it, working conditions may represent a more basic need than some of the other drivers we […]

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Flexible working

Happy, healthy new year to all of our followers!

After the festive period I always find it a relief to reach January and get back to some form of normality. Taking down the decorations and clearing the last of the party food from the fridge is surprisingly cathartic. Even if we don’t make resolutions (I for one have elected not to bother this year…) […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Actually, we have many wonderful times throughout the year when we get to meet up with clients and do lots of work that we love, but our big event is in June. In 2014 we celebrated our 19th employee engagement conference, which was held at LSO St Lukes. We enjoyed talks on all aspects of engagement: Capgemini […]

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The three kings of customer centricity

This year we looked at organisations that have a great track record of achieving customer centricity, and gave our top tips on how this can be achieved: What’s your story? Why are you here? What do you do? How do you go about it? Define your strategic narrative and intent to show what makes you […]

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